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Journal: The current edition of my blog, 'The View Through The Windshield', is here.

Over 17 years of blog archives can be found here.

Writing: A list of essays/opinions on a variety of subjects can be found here.

Many of my newspaper business columns are posted here.

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O-gauge trains

Locomotion: Photos and a full description of my Philadelphia-themed O-gauge model train layout is located here.

Illustrations: My car drawings and the stories behind the automobiles I've drawn are here.

There are over 80 car drawings posted on this website.

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1939 Plymouth

Ancient Transport: Photos and a description of my current 1939 Plymouth business coupe can be found here. Photos of my first '39 Plymouth are posted here.

Riddle: What ever happened to the Sherlock Strategies business consulting site?

The answer can be found here.

Sherlock Strategies


Philadelphia Memories: There are many postings and pages about Philly - the place where I was born and raised.

They begin here. Enjoy.

About: My biography is posted here.

More information about my blog can be found here.

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